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Facebook Channel

Facebook Bot


Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 in the above screenshot and jump to Select all the pages in your page list, that you want AbsolutChat to help with the automation.



If you connect your Facebook Account with more than one AbsolutChat user, remember to select all pages that require management regardless of users.


After connection, these are some of the operations in the screenshot above:

  1. Click "Reconnect" when you want to add/remove a page or refresh.

  2. Click "Create Flow" to create a new flow for the bot.

  3. Click "Open Flow" to enter the flow.

  4. Click the red x to remove the connection between the bot and your page.

  5. Flip the status to stop/start the automation.

  6. Click the link to talk to the bot. You can also share the link with other Facebook users.

Please note that the red x is for disconnecting the flow with your page only. Your flow won't be removed. It will still stay in your workspace remain intact (in "All Bots").